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Powergrid Approves Investment in Transmission Projects of Over Rs. 4,800 Crore

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Power Grid Corporation of India (PGCIL or POWERGRID), has approved three investments worth over Rs. 4,800 crore cumulatively in its board meeting held on 6th July 2022.

These investments are focused on the Western region of India. Two of these projects pertain to Inter-State Transmission Scheme (ISTS), while one is under the Western Region Expansion Scheme XXVI.

In addition to these projects, PGCIL board also approved the incorporation of a joint venture with Nepal’s NEA for developing the Indian portion of the Butwal – Gorakhpur transmission line.

Inter-State Transmission Scheme (ISTS) – Related Proposals Approved by PGCIL Board

PGCIL has accorded approval to two ISTS-related project proposals in the state of Gujarat, collectively worth Rs. 4,732.45 crore.

The first project, which is for increasing the Available Transfer Capability (ATC) for ISTS: Part B in Gujarat, has an estimated cost of Rs. 4,546.26 crore. This project is scheduled to be commissioned by June 2023.

The second ISTS-related project is for increasing the Available Transfer Capability (ATC) from ISTS: Part C in Gujarat with an estimated cost of Rs. 186.19 crore.

ATC is the maximum amount of electric power that can be securely transferred in an electric transmission system without the violation of any specified limits.

Western Region Expansion Scheme XXVI Approved by PGCIL

PGCIL has also accorded approval to the investment of Rs. 127.61 crore for Western Region Expansion Scheme XXVI.

Scope of this scheme includes the development of a 220 KV level at the Gas Insulated Substation (GIS) at Shikrapur, Maharashtra. This will entail deployment of two 500 MVA Inter Connecting Transformers (ICTs) to step down the voltage from 440 KV to 220 KV, and four 220 KV line bays. This will be done to match the Shikrapur substation facility with 220 KV lines which are being developed by Maharashtra State Electricity Transmission (MSETCL).

About PGCIL: Power Grid Corporation of India is a state-owned transmission company under the Ministry of Power, GoI. The Gurgaon-headquartered company owns and operates about 90% of the country’s inter-state and inter-region power transmission facilities. In FY-22 PGCIL reported a revenue of Rs. 42,697.90 crore.