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Belden Launches New Hybrid Copper-Fiber Cable

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Belden Inc., global signal transmission and networking solutions provider, has launched new ‘FiberExpress (FX)’ hybrid Copper-Fiber cable. These cables can transmit low-voltage power as well as data.

Application Areas of Belden FiberExpress (FX) Cable

Belden’s Hybrid Copper-Fiber Cable transmits power and data for low voltage applications like security cameras, sensors, wireless access points, phones, monitors, etc. It can work on both optical fibre topologies PON (Passive Optical Network) and AON (Active Optical Netwok).

PON is a fiber-optic network utilizing a point-to-multipoint topology and uses optical splitters to deliver data from a single transmission point to multiple user endpoints. Whereas AON is point to point topology in which each user uses individual cable for transmission.

The hybrid cables would be ideal for use in transmission for remote locations where standard power is unavailable or costly and PoE (Power over Ethernet) is also not reachable.

Features and Benefits of FiberExpress Cables

FiberExpress Cables are available in 2-6 fibre counts with operating wavelength of 850/1300 nm to 1310/1550 nm. It is available both in armoured and non-armoured  jacket. The operating temperature ranges from -20 degree Celsius to +70 degree Celsius. It is suitable for both outdoor as well as indoor applications. It reduces both laying time and costs as a single cable has to be laid in place of two. Inventory management also becomes easier due to the same reason.