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Maillefer Launches New Helical Crosshead for Poly-Propylene MV and HV Cable Extrusion

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Maillefer Extrusion India Pvt. Ltd., manufacturer of cable machinery and related equipment has launched new helical crosshead THC 70/150 HE Crosshead. This is designed for medium and high-voltage Poly-Propelene insulated cable production.

Maillefer’s Optimised Helical Distributor

The crosshead features an optimised helical distributor that ensures accurate wall thickness, centricity, and roundness of the cable. The helical design increases overlapping in the insulation seam area, thereby improving the cable’s electrical properties.

Efficient Design and Construction

The crosshead is designed with short residence times, streamlined flow channels, and efficient electric heating. These features favour long production lengths and smooth layer surfaces. The centring of all layers can be adjusted independently, providing flexibility and precision in production.

The conical flow pieces of the crosshead are made of nitrided steel. This material choice ensures continuity in production for many years, making the Mailefer THC 70/150 HE Crosshead durable for cable production.

Key Benefits of Maillefer’s THC 70/150 HE Crosshead

Based on information published by Mailefer, the THC 70/150 HE Crosshead offers several key benefits:

Three-layer extrusion: It supports MV and HV PP insulations up to 500 kV.

Accurate cable dimensions: The crosshead ensures precise cable dimensions.

Long continuous production lengths: It supports extended production runs without interruption.

Wide production range: The crosshead is versatile and can handle a wide range of production requirements.

Easy handling with low damage risk: It is designed for easy operation, reducing the risk of damage.

Fast setup time: The crosshead allows for quick setup, saving valuable production time.

About the Company:- Maillefer Extrusion India Pvt. Ltd is a subsidiary of Davis Standard, LLC based out of Connecticut, USA. It is a multinational company specializing in design, development, and manufacturing of commercial industrial products.