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KUSAM MECO Launches New Ground Resistance On-line Detector Model

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Kusam-Meco Ltd., manufacturer and supplier of testing instruments in India, has introduced new ground resistance on-line detector model 2800 KC. This detector has been completely designed and developed in India.

Kusam Meco 2800 KC Ground Resistance Detector: Explosion Proof and Water Proof

Ground resistance detector measures resistance between a grounding electrode and the earth. Kusam Meco’s model 2800 KC ground resistance tester has a 4-digit LCD display indication.

The 2800 KC can measure resistance in the range of 0.01 ohm -200 ohms with a resolution of 0.001 Ohm. The device has a power consumption rating of 50mA.

The device has an IP56 IP rating which Kusam Meco has stated as its waterproof level. Kusam Meco also stated that the 2800 KC is explosion-proof certified and are suitable for installation at Flammable and explosion-cautious places like oil refineries, powerplants etc.

Kusam Meco 2800 KC Ground Resistance Detector with Alarm System and Real-time Monitoring

Kusam Meco 2800 KC detector operates on 6V DC, 50Hz power supply. Its dimension is 11gm x 118mm x 76mm and CT size is 56mm x 26mm, weight 1000gm. Kusam Meco supplies the 2800 KC tester with Aluminum alloy mounting Parts – 2 PCS and 1 metre Power communication cable.

The detector is equipped with an audio and visual alarm and the alarm value can be set with the help of buttons near display unit.

Apart from this, the 2800 KC detector has the RS 485 interface for connectivity to the network system for real-time monitoring.

About the Company: Kusam-Meco brand is owned by Kusam Electrical Industries Ltd. and was established in the year 1983 with headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It manufactures and supplies digital test instruments for electrical, electronic and environmental testing and measurement applications.