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LAPP Starts Serial Production of its ‘Bio-Cable’: ETHERLINE FD bioP Cat.5e

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LAPP has started serial production of its ‘bio-cable’, ETHERLINE® FD bioP Cat.5e, which features a ‘bio-based’ outer sheath partially made of organic material. This is LAPP’s first ‘bio-cable’ to enter serial production.

Industrial Cat 5e Ethernet Cable with Bio-Based Outer Sheath

Up to 1000 Mbit/s Data Transfer Supported, Ideal for Flexible Applications

ETHERLINE FD bioP Cat.5e is an industrial Cat 5e ethernet cable designed for ‘highly flexible applications’ such as in case of moving machine parts and cable chains. Being a Cat 5e cable, it offers throughput of up to 1,000 Mbit/s. LAPP’s newly launched cable is compatible with EtherCAT and EtherNET/IP industrial automation protocols. This cable is also suitable for use in patch cable assemblies up to a maximum length of 60 m.

Additionally, this cable features braided tinned Copper wire screening, which shields it against electromagnetic interference and makes it ideal for applications requiring Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC).

Apart from this, ETHERLINE® FD bioP Cat.5e has been described as flame retardant under the IEC 60332-1-2 standard. The cable’s outer sheath is inert to mineral oil-based lubricants and a wide range of chemicals, thereby enhancing its chemical resistance.

‘Bio Plastic’ Outer Sheath Made of over 40% Renewable Raw Materials

The outer sheath of this cable is made using over 40% of renewable raw materials, which “…reduces dependence on fossil fuels and reduces the carbon footprint”, as stated by LAPP in its catalogue.

It must be noted that it is the outer sheath of this cable which is made using bio-based plastic, while its inner sheath is made of halogen-free thermoplastic elastomer.

“Sustainable Choice without Compromising Performance” – LAPP India MD

Commenting on the launch of ETHERLINE® FD bioP Cat.5e, Mr. Marc Jarrault, Managing Director, LAPP India, said, “We’re thrilled to announce the launch of the ETHERLINE® FD bioP Cat.5e, our first bio-base Cat.5e Ethernet cable in series production. This innovative cable utilizes partially bio-based materials, reducing our carbon footprint and offering customers a sustainable choice without compromising performance”.

It must be noted that LAPP had presented the prototype of cables featuring bio-based outer sheathing during the past year. However, ETHERLINE® FD bioP Cat.5e is the first cable with such outer sheathing to go into series production. Mr. Christian Illenseer, Product Manager Automation at LAPP, explained, “Thanks to the complex manufacturing process, sustainable materials are currently considerably more expensive. It was therefore important to us to find out whether our customers are also willing to invest in sustainable products”.

About LAPP India: LAPP India, part of the Stuttgart-headquartered LAPP Gruppe, deals in power & control cables, data communication cables for Ethernet and Fieldbus technology, optical transmission systems, industrial connectors, glands, conduits, cable markers, tools and accessories. LAPP India has its manufacturing plants at Bhopal and Bengaluru and a cable manufacturing capacity of about 1,30,000 Km per annum.