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Anti-Bacterial Switches: Selling Point amid Covid-19

The ongoing Pandemic is having an impact on buying decisions of consumers. Electrical manufacturers, in an attempt to encash most out of the hygiene consciousness of buyers, have started launching Anti-Bacterial switches and sockets.

Companies that have already launched such products in Indian market include Havells, Legrand, Honeywell and ABB. The companies have a similar claim that these switches can contain the growth and spread of harmful microbes through human touch with 99% efficacy. Let’s have a brief look at company-wise offering.

Havells India’s Covid Centric Products

Havells logo

Havells India, under its brand Crabtree, has launched anti-bacterial / anti-fungal electric switch range. The company has named new switch range Athena, Signia and Verona. Havells stated in a press note that this new anti-bacterial switch range will help control bacteria led diseases like food poisoning, pneumonia, conjunctivitis etc. These switches start at a consumer price range of INR 75 per piece.

Havells mentioned use of metal compounds in manufacturing these switches that are more effective than metal oxides and other metal complexes to contain the growth of bacteria and fungi. These new switches can be installed in all kinds of facilities such as hospitals, hotels, institutes or homes.

Honeywell India’s Anti-Bacterial Switches

Honeywell Logo

Honeywell India has launched its anti-bacterial switch range under the name Blenze Plus Modular switches. The anti-bacterial coating comes with silver ions impregnated in a polycarbonate material.

Company claims that these switches are long-lasting due to the permanent coating of silver ion on them. The starting price of these switches is INR 59 per piece.

ABB India’s Hygiene Focused Products

ABB Logo

ABB India has also launched anti-bacterial switches expanding its consumer electricals portfolio in the Indian market. These switches are marketed under brand name ABB Tvisha. Company stated that anti-bacterial additive compounds based on silver ions have been added to the base material which inhibits growth of bacteria on frequently touched switches and cover frames.

ABB Tvisha Product range includes switches with double shrouds, sockets with separate shutters, a universal regulator with 360-degree rotation, USB charging and HDMI ports to provide additional functionalities. The price range starts from INR 135.

Legrand India’s Anti-bacterial Switch Range

Legrand Logo

Legrand India has named its anti-bacterial switch range Myrius. The starting price for this switch range starts from INR 176. It includes one-way and two-way switches, sockets, plugs and doorbells with respective frames.