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Polycab Launches Home Automation Range ‘Hohm’

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Polycab India Ltd., which has been striving to diversify its portfolio from wires and cables, has launched home automation range ‘Hohm’ – smart automation solutions. The Hohm range includes products like Fans, Lighting, Switches, Water Heaters etc. Hohm products can be controlled via Hohm mobile app or voice control after integration with Alexa voice assistant.

Polycab said majority of the products in its Hohm range will be manufactured in India and the existing range of products like water heaters, lights and fans could be tweaked to become IoT-Compliant.

Hohm Product Range and Designs

Polycab said in its press release that it can customize preferred colour or design, without mentioning the minimum order size required for any such customisation. Hohm smart product range includes the following:

  • Hohm Lanre Smart Plug
  • Hohm Zuerst Smart Water Heater
  • Hohm Lusiant Smart Panel
  • Hohm Avenir Smart Batten (Light)
  • Hohm Avance Smart Bulb
  • Hohm Stolz & Stolz-i Smart Fan
  • Hohm Krasa Smart BLDC Fan

Existing home appliances with remote control can also be operated by HOHM Mobile app using HOHM Mirai IR (Infra-Red) Blaster* which has compatibility with different types of remote controls.

*An infrared blaster (IR blaster) is a device that acts as an infrared remote control to autonomously control a device normally controlled only by key-presses on its remote control. The IR-Blaster in turn is connected either by Wi-Fi or  Bluetooth and controlled by mobile application where various remotes can be configured.

Geo-fencing and Consumption Analysis for Power saving by Polycab Hohm

All the devices in the Polycab Hohm- smart automation solutions range can be retrofitted, therefore doesn’t require any alteration in the existing set of wiring.

Polycab is also offering power saving solution by analysing the electricity spent with Hohm Smart Plug. The user will be aware of the electricity being used by different appliances through Hohm smartphone app. There is a geo-fencing feature also that turns off devices when the user leaves home to save energy.

All Hohm products can communicate with each other and can be controlled via Hohm mobile App. Polycab will be giving a standard warranty of 12 months.

Expressing his thoughts on the occasion Mr. Gandharv Tongia, Chief Financial Officer, Polycab India, said “IoT product portfolio will have products which can be operated from any device, be it a mobile phone or laptop”. “The real estate revival is helping the company. Similarly, home renovation taken up by retail customers due to work-from-home is also helping FMEG business. We hope that the B2C business will continue to grow at a healthy rate” he added.