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Panasonic Launches Smart Retrofit Controller for Home Automation

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Panasonic Life Solutions India, the home electrical equipment manufacturer has introduced a new smart retrofit controller. Panasonic’s new smart controller converts a normal mechanical switchboard into a WiFi smart switch.

Panasonic’s new Offering to Automate Existing Switches

Panasonic with its new smart retrofit controller is targeting consumers who want affordable home automation solutions without disturbing the current electrical devices and wiring. The lowest price available for 6 loads of this smart home solution is Rs. 3800. The Smart Retrofit Controller is designed in a way that it occupies very limited space and fits easily into any switch plates making the existing electrical fittings smart, without modifying the wiring at all.

Panasonic’s Smart Controller to Connect Directly to Wi-Fi Router

Panasonic smart controller can connect directly with existing WiFi router and no additional gateway is needed. The appliances once configured can be controlled through Panasonic Miraie app. The Smart Retrofit Controller is also voice-enabled and compatible with Alexa and Google Home.

These controllers perform all the normal home automation functions like light dimming, and fan speed control and can operate heavy loads like air conditioners up to 25A.

Panasonic Smart Controller to be Available in 8 Different Variants

Panasonic has launched Retrofit Controller in 8 different variants having different switching configurations and power ratings.

  • 1 Switch controller, 3A
  • 2 Switch controller, 3A
  • 6 Switch controller, 3A
  • 25A, 1 Switch controller
  • 1 Switch + Fan Regulator controller, 3A
  • 1 Switch + Dimming controller, 3A
  • Curtain Controller
  • Wifi- Plug 6A & 16A variant

About Panasonic India: Panasonic Life Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Panasonic Corporation, a Japanese multinational. It was earlier called Anchor Electricals Private Limited and from 1st April 2019, the legal identity changed to Panasonic Life Solutions. The corporate identity also changed from ‘Anchor by Panasonic’ to ‘Panasonic’.