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L&T Flags Off World’s Heaviest LC Max Reactors for HPCL Visakh Refinery

In a historic moment L&T Heavy Engineering Business of L&T Group, on 28th January flagged off the World’s heaviest LC Max Reactor (three units) weighing 2313 MT each ahead of schedule.

L&T’s LC Max Reactors to enable India’s First Residue Up-gradation Facility (RUF)

L&T Larsen & Toubro

Not only being super heavy is an achievement, L&T Heavy Engineering’s LC Max reactors will enable India’s first Residue Upgradation Facility (RUF) by Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd. (HPCL), is also an important milestone in India’s achievements. HPCL is commissioning this facility at its Visakh Refinery (Vizag Refinery) for conversion of heaviest oils to high-quality BS-VI diesel, as well as increase feedstock and improve product flexibility.

Expressing his views on the occasion, Mr. M K Surana, Chairman & Managing Director, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd. (HPCL), said, “L&T has been our valuable partner in our journey to modernize and upgrade our refineries. We thank L&T team for early delivery of these reactors”.

Mr. Vinod S Shenoy, Director Refinery, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation, said, “Manufacturing this first of its kind critical equipment with good workmanship and utmost safety is truly remarkable. We are glad that with this early delivery of LC Max Reactors, our Visakh program stands benefitted”.

Logistics of LC Max Reactors and Technology Used

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These three super heavy and gigantic sized LC Max Reactors will be shipped in one piece via sea from L&T’s manufacturing facility in Hazira, Gujarat to HPCL’s Visakh Refinery. Still factory to port and then again port to refinery logistics of such huge components weighing 2313 MT each would be a challenge for L&T. L&T is also looking after the erection of these LC Max Reactors at HPCL’s facility. HPCL has given a deadline of 25th July 2021 but L&T said it may complete erection also before time.

Commenting on this achievement, Mr. S.N. Subrahmanyan, CEO & MD, L&T Group said, “Our heavy engineering shops are the only ones in the country to have consistently dispatched the largest, heaviest, longest and most complex process plant equipment to the global clients ahead of schedule. This track record remains unbroken in the unprecedented pandemic situation or otherwise”.

Visakh Refinery Modernisation and Other Contracts between HPCL and L&T

In a video released on the occasion Mr. M K Surana, HPCL, was quoted saying “HPCL has been sharing a long-standing relationship with L&T and excluding this project, the company has Rs 25,000 Crore worth of orders with the engineering major as part of its Rs 1.1-lakh Crore capital expenditure (capex) plan ending 2024”.

The Visakh Refinery Modernisation Project of HPCL is worth Rs 26,264 Crore and will increase the capacity of Visakh Refinery from 8.33 million tonnes to 15 million tonnes per year. It is shceduled for comminssioning in mid-2022 now, from the originally planned mid-2020. The original project cost was fixed at Rs 20,928 crore.