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Numeric Launches New 3-Phase UPS, ‘Keor XPE 3’

UPS manufacturer Numeric, a company of the Legrand Group, announced the launch of its new 3 Phase UPS, Keor XPE 3 for Data Centres on 14th April 2022 at an event held in Mumbai.

Specifications and Features of Numeric’s Keor XPE 3

Numeric’s Keor XPE 3 is a high power modular and scalable UPS with a power rating of 500 KW – 2.1 MW. It can have a maximum of 7 power units, each with a power rating of 250-300 KW. The UPS can be physically deployed in multiple layouts including in line, back to back, L shape or U shape. This feature of Keor XPE 3 enables optimum usage of the available space, hence reducing real estate costs during its installation.

Keor XPE 3 comes with a 10” touch-screen display, which is centralised and helps monitor the overall system as well as single power units separately. Numeric’s 3 phase UPS range is Lithium-ion compatible in addition to being compatible with Fly-Wheel energy storage and VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) Battery.

Deployability of Numeric’s Keor XPE 3 UPS in Data Centres

Data Centre

Keor XPE 3 has been specifically designed by Numeric to extend the company’s penetration in the Data Centre segment. Data Centres are highly sensitive to power downtime and require a constant and reliable power supply.

Keor XPE 3’s separate power units lend flexibility to power supply control in Data Centres. As per requirement, individual power units can be powered on or shut off. Additionally, this feature makes it easy to service or replace individual power units while rest of the system continues to function normally, thus minimising server downtime.

Scalability of Numeric’s newly launched UPS is a differentiating factor here since the capacity of Data Centres is also scalable in nature. It is only natural then that a Data Centre should have a scalable power supply.

Moreover, it aids in cost-cutting and the efficient use of space in the Data Centre by optimising the requirement of floor area for its deployment.

Mr. Satpal Singh, CEO of Numeric, talking about the launch of Keor XPE 3 said “There is lot of excitement around data centres with more and more investments coming in, to build the data centre infrastructure in the country. To cater to this growing demand, Numeric has rightly positioned its new product, Keor XPE to address the dynamic business needs of the segment”.

About Numeric: The Chennai-headquartered Numeric was founded in 1984, and has been a member of the Legrand Group since 2012. Numeric has more than 1,800 employees and is a manufacturer and supplier of electric goods to commercial, residential, healthcare and infrastructure sectors.