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Maillefer Launches X-Ray for Measuring Cable Insulation

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Maillefer Extrusion India Pvt. Ltd., the cable and pipe machinery manufacturer has launched synchronized X-Ray machine – Rotating Cold X-Ray. It will be useful in CV (continuous vulcanization) lines to improve cable core accuracy and to increase production capacity of the line.

Dual X-Ray Guages on Maillefer’s Synchronized X-Ray Machine for Cables

With this machine two X-Ray gauges are used on CV lines to measure thicknesses, concentricity and diameter during production of MV, HV and EHV cables. The first gauge is present at hot end and second gauge is at cold end, which is orientable to give a synchronized visual of measurements.

These two cameras give overlapping images which help operators to determine need of centering offset of insulation layer in order to compensate for drooping.

Synchronization of the two X-Ray gauges is achieved by rotating their measurement head according to a commonly used marking line as reference.

Benefits of Maillefer’s Synchronized X-Ray Machine

  • Time for Core Centering is reduced as it no longer requires taking samples after long lengths on drums combined with conducting offline measurements
  • It becomes easier to operate CCV line
  • Insulation overuse can be significantly reduced during production
  • More demanding cable constructions can be produced without using more expensive low sag materials.

About Maillefer: Maillefer Extrusion India Pvt. Ltd is a subsidiary of Davis Standard LLC based out of Connecticut, USA. Maillefer is a multinational company specializing in design, development and manufacturing of commercial industrial products. The Indian office is located at Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra.