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Sikora Launches Centerview 8000 Non-Contact Guage Head for Cable Diameter Measurement

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Sikora India Pvt. Ltd., the manufacturer of cable machinery and spares has launched CENTERVIEW 8000 for measurement of diameter, eccentricity, and ovality in cable lines.

Sikora’s CENTERVIEW 8000 non-contact Guage head for Single Conductor Wires and Cables

Sikora’s has designed CENTERVIEW 8000 as a non-contact gauge head system for production lines of all-round, single-conductor wires and cables with single or multi-wire conductors.

The Centerview system will measure the eccentricity, wall thickness, diameter, and ovality of cables with high single-value precision. The measuring values are taken from 8 points and are visualized on the integrated display or at the processor systems of the ECOCONTROL Series*.

ECOCONTROL is a processor which fetches data from various measuring devices and relays it to the plant control system using communication protocols like Fieldbus or UA.

This enables the operator to receive immediately clear information about eccentricity values that can be instantly used for control or centering of the cross head. This assures maximum material savings and quality control.

Sikora CENTERVIEW for Diameter Measurement as Low as 0.1 mm

Sikora has two models available 8000e and 8000c with minimum measuring diameter of 0.25 mm (0.1 mm optional) and 0.5mm respectively. It comes with Automatic centering of the gauge head for concentric positioning to the conductor. The measuring rate offered is 500 measurements/sec. The application of Centerview 8000 range includes telephone cables, data cables (CAT 5, 6, and 7), coax and micro-coax cables, and automotive or installation cables.

About SIKORA: SIKORA AG is headquartered in Berlin, Germany. It is a manufacturer of testing and measuring instruments. It has a subsidiary in India namely Sikora India Private Limited with offices in Mumbai and Delhi. It has around 250 employees worldwide.