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Siemens Launches Dual Powered Protection Relay-7SR46

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Siemens, the manufacturer of electrical and automation equipment has announced addition of a new relay device 7SR46 to its range of Reyrolle protection devices.

Siemens Reyrolle 7SR46 to Provide Overcurrent and Earth Fault Protection

Siemens Reyrolle range offers protection relays for distribution and industrial grids. Reyrolle 7SR46’s primary application is to provide overcurrent and earth fault protection in medium voltage distribution transformer stations.

The 7SR46 relay is mounted in a ring main unit of transformer, detects cable faults on the network and operates quickly to disconnect the fault. This helps to contain further damage to transformer parts and avoid fire hazards.

Siemens 7SR46 Relays to have Dual Power Source

The transformer substations are mostly located in remote locations where a battery is not always available to power electronic equipment such as protection relays. Siemens, in 7SR46, has provided the option to operate using power from current transformers (CTs) when the line is live. It also can be connected to an auxiliary battery supply. Availability of dual power source, ie from the current transformers and an auxiliary power supply, provides redundancy.

7SR46 Reyrolle has Compact design, Suitable for Medium Voltage Applications

Siemens Reyrolle 7SR46 device has compact dimensions of Height 104 mm x Width 185 mm x Depth 79 mm which comes in a moulded enclosure. 7SR46 on the front has an easy-to-use display and push buttons that can be used to programme the relay and view fault records and instrumentation. It also features four LEDs that provide information on the relay’s status and a mechanical trip flag is also available. A USB communication port is also present on the front face for connecting to PC, and can power the relay when no other power source is available. The USB port also allows plug and play connection to Reydisp* (Siemens proprietary software for Configuration of Reyrolle Devices) to programme the device and download fault and event information.

The Reyrolle 7SR46 relay is suitable for protection in medium voltage applications (5KV-35KV).

About Siemens India Ltd.: Siemens India Ltd. is the publicly-listed Indian arm of Siemens AG. It was founded in India in 1922. At present, Siemens has 22 factories located across India, eight centres of competence and 11 R&D centres. Siemens India manufactures high-voltage switchgear, switchboards, remote monitoring systems (RMS), relays and Smart Grid systems, transformers and other equipment.