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Siemens Launches PowerLink CM for HV Transmission Lines

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Siemens Smart Infrastructure, a business unit of Siemens AG has launched new condition monitoring device PowerLink CM. It helps to monitor any faults in high-voltage AC and DC transmission lines of up to 500 km.

Siemens’ PowerLink CM – Condition Monitoring Device

Transmission grid operators need continuous monitoring of transmission lines to avoid blackouts and ensure uninterrupted supply of electricity. With just one PowerLink CM device line lengths of up to 500 km can be monitored.

PowerLink CM detects faults, as well as line condition in powered, unpowered or grounded lines. These fault reports are then received by the affected substation and are forwarded from there to the control room for rectification.

These devices can also be connected to cloud management system for continuous line monitoring. For this, MindSphere (to be bought separately), the open cloud-based Internet of Things (IoT) platform from Siemens could be used. This allows grid operators to analyze status reports and to optimize maintenance activities.

In a statement to press Mr. Robert Klaffus, CEO Digital Grid, Siemens Smart Infrastructure said “With the new PowerLink CM solution, transmission grid operators can detect and locate possible line problems before causing major transmission network issues. PowerLink CM supports predictive operations management”.

PowerLink CM Technical Features

The technical features offerings of PowerLinkCM are as below:

  • It has a fault location accuracy of up to 100 m + 0.1% of line length.
  • It can also detect slow, long-term line condition changes (impedance variations).
  • Comes with integrated spectrum analyzer.
  • Works smoothly with coexisting PLC systems operating on same or neighboring line.

This device would be more useful in remote areas where unpowered or grounded lines are present as the traditional practice to detect breakage or theft for such transmission lines was of visual inspection.