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Siemens India Showcases Its Digital Portfolio at Elecrama 2020

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Siemens India showcased technologies and solutions at Elecrama 2020 held on 18-22 January 2020 at the India Expo Mart, Greater Noida. Siemens display included solutions and products from its Digital Enterprise, Smart Infrastructure, Gas and Power portfolios.

Siemens VR Elecrama

The applications included Industrial Automation, Machine Safety and ‘Energy Automation & Smart Grids’ etc. Projects, product displays such as automated guided vehicles, drives and motors and virtual reality tour of a power plant were part of Siemens Stand. Through these live demonstrations and interactions Siemens intended to showcase how it incorporates digitization with future-ready and efficient solutions.

Siemens Industrial Automation Solutions at Elecrama

The company displayed its latest automation solution for manufacturing and heavy Industries. It claimed that these solutions would be helpful in increasing productivity, efficiency, speed, and quality, resulting in higher competitiveness for companies on their way to the digitization.

Siemens Digital Twin of Machine at Elecrama 2020
  • SIMATIC Energy Management Solutions: SIMATIC Energy Management equips machinery and plants with a comprehensive solution for energy monitoring. From recording individual loads to detailed evaluation of efficiency of entire machines.
  • Virtual Commissioning: Virtual simulations and tests uncover faults for a faster error-free commissioning. This reduces time to market, lowers costs and increases productivity. This solution for virtual commissioning also allows machine builders and plant operators to respond to various validation questions quickly and reliably with the aid of simulations.
  • SIMATIC WinCC Unified: This is the new version of Siemens SCADA system SIMATIC WinCC. It has a totally new visualization system that can be used to overcome the challenges of digitization in mechanical engineering and plant construction.

Siemens Low Voltage Motors at Elecrama

Siemens also showcased complete range of industrial motors – synchronous as well as asynchronous: from standard electric motors to servomotors for motion control applications.

The SIMOTICS range low-voltage motors are equipped with SIMOTICS CONNECT 400, a box for collecting motor-specific condition data. The IIOT based SIMOTICS Connect 400 can transform a standard SIEMENS Motor into a SMART SIEMENS Motor which monitors and communicates its own health parameters over the internet so that basic operating data can be accessed from a remote device for data analytics and predictability.

Machine Safety Solution from Siemens

Siemens Arc Fault Detection Device and Award

The Arc Fault Detection Device which is a compact Arc Fault Detection Unit integrated with an MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker) won the Best Product 1st Runner up Award at Elecrama 2020.

Siemens Energy Automation & Smart Grids

The Smart grid section included display of Siemens power transmission management system SICAM. It is a complete remote supervision and control system for substations.

The other products displayed were:

SVC PLUS STATCOM (static synchronous compensator) with modular multilevel converter (MMC) technology provides reactive power compensation. This is an advanced compensator with increased efficiency.

In the Transformers section there was SITRAM DRY oil dehydration system. The modular system removes moisture from transformer’s insulating oil by disturbing the moisture equilibrium. As per Siemens, the system is suited for transformers of different manufacturers and ratings.

About Siemens: Siemens India Ltd. is the publicly-listed Indian arm of Siemens AG. It was founded in India in 1922. At present, Siemens has 22 factories located across India, eight centers of competence and 11 R&D centres. Siemens India manufactures high-voltage switchgear, switchboards, remote monitoring systems (RMS), relays and Smart Grid systems, transformers and other equipment.