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Schneider Electric CEO Meets Indian PM, Offers Sustainable Solutions

Schneider Electric‘s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Jean-Pascal Tricoire met the Indian PM Mr. Narendra Modi on 12th April 2022 to affirm his company’s contribution to the sustainable development of India.

Schneider Electric has set a goal of doubling its exports from India in the next four years. Talking about Schneider Electric’s expansion in India, Mr Tricoire said “We are expanding a lot of our factories and more importantly, we are ramping up our collaboration with local suppliers. We help to ramp up those in terms of capacity, technical capability, especially helping them to globalize in terms of certification”.

The company has also launched a new entity, GreeNext, to help industries set up their own energy microgrids and battery energy storage systems. To highlight Schneider Electric’s commitment to domestic manufacturing, Mr Tricoire said that given India’s unique requirements, 90% of the company’s products in the Indian market are made locally.