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Rajasthan Govt. Allocates Rs. 1,185 Cr. for Extending Jaipur Metro Phase 1

Rajasthan Government in its budget for FY-23 has allocated a sum of Rs. 1,185 crore for extension of Phase 1 of Jaipur Metro at both ends. Presently Phase 1, or the East-West corridor of Jaipur Metro connects Mansarovar to Badi Chaupar.

The proposed extension will connect the existing Badi Chaupar metro station to Transport Nagar on one end, and Agra Road to Mansarovar on the other end.

The Badi Chaupar to Transport Nagar extension will have two stations, viz. Ramganj Chaupar (underground) & Transport Nagar (elevated). This section will be 2.85 Km in length, out of which 2.26 Km will be underground and the remaining 0.59 Km will be elevated.
On the other end, the extension will connect Mansarovar metro to the upcoming Agra Road metro station. This section will be 2 Km in length, and will be elevated in nature.

After this total extension, the length of the East-West corridor of Jaipur Metro will increase to approximately 17 Km from the current 12.069 Km.