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Maillefer Launches New Extruder for Increased Cable Production

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Maillefer Extrusion India Pvt. Ltd., the cable and pipe machinery manufacturer has launched a new extruder NXW 225-22D. It is a water cooled extruder with screw diameter of 225 mm.

Features of Maillefer Extruder NXW 225-22D

NXW 225-22D is the biggest screw diameter available now with Maillefer. Earlier 200 mm was the largest diameter available. It is useful to meet higher productivity demand of Medium and High Voltage cables.

This 225 mm extruder will give 25% higher output than 200 mm extruder. Per day NXW 225-22D extruder can produce cables with about 15 tons of XLPE-insulation. It can be retrofitted on existing line layouts having a 200 mm extruder.

Maillefer NXW 225 Extruder Technology and Benefits

Maillefer stated that the NXW 225 extruder is based on its patent extrusion technology. It uses unique screw and barrel combination, perfected through theoretical studies and computer simulations.

NXW 225-22D in a compact design offers long continuous cable production time of about 10 days. The company also promises excellent melt quality with accurate temperature control. Noise level is also lower in this version of the machine.

About Maillefer: Maillefer Extrusion India Pvt. Ltd is a subsidiary of Davis Standard, LLC based out of Connecticut, USA. It is a multinational company specializing in design, development and manufacturing of commercial industrial products. The Indian office is located at Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra.