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Cable Manufacturers Showcase New & Top-Performing Products at ELECRAMA 2023


ELECRAMA’s 15th edition witnessed wide participation of the Indian cable manufacturing industry. Several cable companies showcased their existing top-performing products at the exhibition. Indian cable majors in B2B as well as in B2C segments were a part of the event, and the list of exhibitors included names such as KEI Industries, Cords Cable Industries, Polycab, Apar Industries, Ravin, KEC International, Gloster, Universal Cables, Dynamic Cables and many more.

Ravin Launches ‘Theft-free’ Cable

Ravin Group at ELECRAMA 2023

Ravin Group, a major Indian cable manufacturer, launched a ‘Theft-free’ cable at ELECRAMA 2023. Ravin’s ‘Theft-free cable’ features a single cable which offers a three-wire system. In this concentric-core cable, neutral and earthing function is fulfilled by the conductor immediately under the outermost jacket, while the conductor at the core would carry the live current. This approach to cable construction seeks to minimise instances of electricity theft. The maximum voltage rating of this cable is 600/1000 Volt.

Speaking to CableCommunity, Mr. Pratham Karia, Director – Sales & Marketing, Ravin Group, said, “The next two to three decades will see the rise of Electric Vehicles. Therefore, there will be a rise in the consumption of electricity”. He added that Ravin seeks to contribute to the expected expansion of the Indian power sector in the coming years.

Cords Cable Industries Introduces CE-Certified LV Range Cables

Cords Cable Industries has started manufacturing CE-Mark cables. The company communicated this through the recently concluded Elecrama tradeshow. Cords has recently got its Low Voltage (LV) Power, Control, Instrumentation and Thermocouple cables approved under CE certification.

Cords Cable at ELECRAMA 2023

Speaking to CableCommunity, Mr. HK Pandita, Vice President – Marketing, Cords Cable Industries Ltd., said, “Cords Cable Industries has been in the business of manufacturing and marketing Electric Cables for the last 4 decades now, and has been catering to both domestic and international markets. However, in recent past, Cords has envisaged the need of increasing export marketing in view of growth potential and opening of new markets and areas in Middle East, Europe and Africa. Accordingly, on 31st December 2022, Cords secured CE marking approval from TUV India for its products after rigorous testing as per relevant standards and requirements”. Mr. Pandita expressed that securing CE certification would help Cords’ products to gain better acceptance in international markets, especially in European countries.

Apar Industries at ELECRAMA 2023

Apar Industries Showcases its e-Beam Cross-Linked Polymer Cable Anushakti

Apar Industries, a manufacturer of cables, conductors, speciality oils and lubricants, showcased Anushakti, its e-beam cross-linked polymer cables at ELECRAMA 2023. The company’s stall offered the visitors a demo to exhibit the cable’s heat-resistant and fire-retardant properties. The company claims that Anushakti has a life span of about 50 years, and offers several advantages to conventional cables such as less likelihood of short-circuits.

KEI Launches EV Charger to Further Environmental Sustainability


KEI Industries launched its Electric Vehicle charger at ELECRAMA 2023, which has been designed for two-wheelers, four-wheelers, trucks, etc. Speaking to CableCommunity, KEI’s team elaborated that this charger has four variants, based on the type of Electric Vehicle. KEI’s stall at the event was closely aligned with ELECRAMA’s central theme of environmental sustainability.

While talking to the exhibitors at ELECRAMA 2023, it was evident that there was substantial enthusiasm amongst the participants about the projected growth of the Indian power sector in the coming years. During the inaugural ceremony, Union Power Minister, Mr. R.K Singh had said that the country faces a challenge to double its power generation capacity by 2030. This would entail a much-needed boost in electrical equipment manufacturing. Moreover, the recent growth of the Electric Vehicle (EV) segment is also encouraging for electrical industry manufacturers.