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Aranayak to Set up India’s First Commercial Biomass-Based Green Hydrogen Plant

Aranayak Fuel and Power will set up India’s first commercial biomass-based Green Hydrogen plant in Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh. Investment in this project will be about Rs. 50 crore. This upcoming plant will have a capacity of producing 1 Tonne Per Day (TPD) of Green Hydrogen.

This Biomass plant will employ Thermally-accelerated Anaerobic Digestor (TAD) to produce Green Hydrogen from biomass. This plant will also produce 7.5 TPD of bio-coal and 3.6 TPD of methane in addition to Green Hydrogen. TAD at this upcoming plant will be capable of drawing out 120 grams of methane, 30-40 grams of Hydrogen and 250 grams of bio-coal from 1 kg of biomass. One Kg of Hydrogen and other co-products will be produced by the TAD reactor after consuming 30 KWhr of electricity and 30 Kg of biomass.

Production at this upcoming plant will commence on 15th August.