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Siemens Manufactures, Adani Electricity Commissions India’s First Ester Oil Transformer

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Adani Electricity Mumbai Limited (AEML), the distribution company owned by Adani Group has recently commissioned India’s first Synthetic Ester Oil filled 220KV, 125MVA capacity power transformer to its Mumbai Transmission network at 220KV Borivali EHV substation.

Siemens Built Synthetic Ester Oil Transformers have Better Fire Safety

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AEML had this Synthetic Ester Oil Transformer custom built by Siemens India’s Navi Mumbai transformer manufacturing facility. The synthetic Ester Oil MIDEL-7131 used in this transformer has been supplied by Midel Materials India Pvt. Ltd., headquartered in Manchester, U.K.

According to Adani Electricity Mumbai Ltd, Synthetic Ester Oil transformers have higher fire point (>300 Deg. C), unlike conventional Mineral Oil filled transformers with fire point of (150-165 deg. C). Synthetic Ester Oil also has low heat of combustion 30.8 MJ/Kg (Mega Joules per Kilogram).

Due to these properties Synthetic Ester Oil transformers have an enhanced fire safety, better performance at higher temperature and prolonged life of insulation paper.

Biodegradability and Other features of Synthetic Ester Oil Transformers

MIDEL-7131 synthetic Ester Oil is biodegradable, which means after consumption the residue of this Oil can be easily discarded without harming the environment. These synthetic Ester Oil transformers have other additional features like – Resin Impregnated Paper (RIP) bushings, Vacuum OLTC (On Load Tap Changer) for smooth operation of transformer.

Adani Electricity Mumbai has installed this transformer as a pilot to meet incremental load growth and availability of transmission system at desired level, and may do more such installations in future.

In a press statement expressing his views Mr. Mahesh Ambardekar, Senior Vice-President, Adani Electricity Mumbai Limited said “The installation of this synthetic organic ester-filled transformer underlines AEML’s commitment to a greener future for Mumbai. Using MIDEL 7131 enabled us to deliver enhanced fire safety and environmental protection”.

About AEML: Adani Electricity Mumbai Ltd. is an integrated power utility company, having presence in transmission and distribution verticals in Mumbai. Its transmission division operates eight 220KV Extra High Voltage (EHV) Substations with an aggregate transformation capacity of 3,250 MVA and approximately 572 ckt. (circuit) Kms of 220KV lines.