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Siemens to Deliver Digitalized Gas Insulated Switchgears to Steel Plants in Maharashtra

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Siemens Limited recently announced that it will deliver digitalised Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS)* to three Steel manufacturers in Jalna, Maharashtra, namely, Icon Steel, Geetai Steels and Gajkesari Steels & Alloys.

*In Gas Insulated Switchgears all equipment of the electrical switchgear is enclosed in a gas tight metal enclosure and SF6 gas is used as insulation between live parts of the equipment and earthed metal enclosure to prevent fire.

Digitalised Switchgear with Sensegear by Siemens

Siemens will be providing its proprietary technology, Sensegear, with the gas insulated switchgears for the before mentioned steel plants. Sensegear provides important operational parameters like gas density, temperature, circuit-breaker counter, position & readiness.

Sensegear GIS, with the help of IoT gateway will be securely transmitting the minimum amount of required information to a cloud-based storage and visualization platform, providing operators an overview about their assets’ condition.

Expressing his views on the occasion Mr. Gerd Deusser, Executive Vice President and Head, Energy, Siemens Limited said “We are committed to drive the energy transition to enable more sustainable, reliable and productive ecosystems through our technologies. With enhanced data analytics, Sensgear devices will help our customers improve efficiency and sustainability of assets and operations”.

Switchgear Installation by Siemens in Steel Plants of Maharashtra

Siemens will be installing 11 bays of 132 Kilovolts (KV) Gas Insulated Switchgears (GIS) at each of the three plants. Siemens stated that these switchgears will have modular design for efficiency and reduced operational costs alongwith safety to withstand steel plant’s environmental condition.

All the GIS would be manufactured at Siemens Limited’s Aurangabad Factory and based on digitalization solution from Siemens.

About Siemens India Ltd.: Siemens India Ltd. is the publicly-listed Indian arm of Siemens AG. It was founded in India in 1922. At present, Siemens has 22 factories located across India, eight centers of competence and 11 R&D centres. Siemens India manufactures high-voltage switchgear, switchboards, remote monitoring systems (RMS), relays and Smart Grid systems, transformers and other equipment.