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Siemens Launches 400 KW Variant of its EV Fast Charger ‘SICHARGE D’

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Siemens Smart Infrastructure business vertical has launched a 400KW variant of its ‘SICHARGE D’ DC fast Electric Vehicle (EV) charger for International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards-abiding markets including India. This information was shared via Siemens’ press release dated 20th March 2024. Siemens showcased the ‘SICHARGE D’ range at recently held IEEMA event ‘Distribuelec-2024’ at Mumbai, India.

‘SICHARGE D’ 400 KW Designed to Prioritise Versatility

In its release, Siemens mentioned that ‘SICHARGE D’ has been designed “…with flexibility in mind” to address “…different use cases like destination charging, public fast-charging or highway charging”.

The newly launched charger provides a steady 400 KW output at an ambient temperature of 40 degree Celsius.

Design Advantageous for Charge Point Operators, Up to 4 DC Outlets Supported

Charge Point Operators (CPOs) are companies who own, operate and manage EV charging infrastructure. Siemens’ SICHARGE D offers multiple advantages to CPOs through its design, the first being optimising the use of space.

While the ‘SICHARGE D’ charger has two high-power DC outlets, this can be expanded to 4 DC outlets by attaching a ‘Dispenser’ unit to it. The Dispenser has a slim design and can be fully integrated into the ‘SICHARGE D’ charger. Therefore, ‘SICHARGE D’ can charge up to 4 EVs at a time with one grid connection, thereby cutting the time needed to charge multiple EVs, along with reduction in land requirement for the charging station.

Explaining the importance of this design aspect, Mr. Markus Mildner, CEO eMobility, Siemens Smart Infrastructure, said, “Reduced charging times for both eCars and eTrucks, especially en-route, will play a pivotal role in increasing convenience and acceptance of this type of [EV-based] transportation. SICHARGE D is a great milestone in achieving this”.

Multi-Language 24” Touchscreen Display for User & CPO Convenience

Apart from this, the new ‘SICHARGE D’ charger features a multi-language 24-inch touchscreen with an interactive, ‘intuitive’ user interface. The interface also assists in “…cable management at both the charger and the dispenser for easy cable handling”, which further facilitates the EV charging process for the user.

Additionally, the touch display can be integrated with a wide range of payment terminals, further adding to the convenience of the user as well as the CPO.

The display also offers advertising options for the CPO.

In addition to this, Siemens offers customised services and support for the EV charger during its installation, as well as post-installation remote and on-site support.