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Shakun Polymers introduces New FR-PE Compound for Cable Industry

Shakun Polymers Pvt. Ltd., a major manufacturer and supplier of polymer compounds in India, has introduced a new flame retardant PE compound SPL-ZHFR-EXP-555 (Nat). This PE compound has been specially developed for Jacketing/ Sheathing applications in cables industry.

Industry’s Requirement for Flame Retardant PE Compounds for Cables

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Cables manufactured with conventional polyethylene material based polymers are prone to fire; to reduce the danger of fire, Flame retardant Polyethylene was developed. Particularly for power cables manufactured as per IEC 60502, the predominantly preferred outer jacketing materials are PE, LSZH, PVC with FR properties. Flame retardants interfere with the combustion process or stop the oxygen source for the flame, but this significantly reduces mechanical properties like flexibility, durability etc.

Shakun Polymers in its blog said that it’s R&D team has worked on this problem and has come up with a new grade SPL-ZHFR-EXP-555 (Nat), of FRPE, which keeps balance of properties of PE as well as properties of flame retardance.

Features & Benefits of Shakun Polymer’s SPL-ZHFR-EXP-555 (Nat) FR-PE Compound

As mentioned earlier, Shakun’s SPL-ZHFR-EXP-555 (Nat) PE compound grade has balance of both FR and PE properties. This new FR-PE compound meets the requirement of ST 3 & ST 7 as per IEC 60502. The tensile strength of Shakun Polymer’s new FR-PE grade compound is more than 12.5 MPa (Mega Pascal) and elongation at break is more than 300%. This new FR-PE grade compound has successfully passed the single flame test, as per IEC 60331-1-2. The halogen gas generation is nil for this compound (as is the case with PE).

About Shakun Polymers Pvt. Ltd.: Shakun Polymers Pvt. Ltd., is a major manufacturer of polymer compounds for the wire and cable Industry. Shakun’s product range include specialty compounds which find different applications across a wide spectrum of the wire and cable industry such as power cables, building wires, telecommunication & fibre optic cables, instrumentation cables and photovoltaic cables. Shakun has three manufacturing facilities in India with a total installed capacity of more than 25,000 MT. The last reported revenue of the company in FY-17 was INR 280 Crore.