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Rockwell Automation Launches ASEM 6300M Industrial Monitors

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Rockwell Automation, the industrial automation solution provider has launched ASEM 6300M industrial monitors series under its brand Allen-Bradley.

Industrial monitors are used for display of data from various instruments at the required site in a plant.

Rockwell ASEM 6300M to be available in Various Size and Build Options

ASEM 6300M offers a ten-point multitouch screen that can also be operated with gloves. Rockwell stated that the new ASEM 6300M comes in several design options which will give panel and machine builders freedom to choose according to their requirements.

Different models available in the ASEM 6300M series according to build material and screen type are Standard Aluminum Bezel, Standard Stainless Steel True Flat Bezel, Low Profile Aluminum Bezel, Low Profile Aluminum and Glass Bezel, Aluminum True Flat Bezel and Stainless Steel Widescreen Bezel.

The screen size options start from 8.4 inch up to 24 inch. The I.P. ratings also vary from IP65 (Standard Aluminum Bezel model) to IP69K (Stainless Steel Widescreen Bezel model). IP69K rating monitor can be used at places with washdown requirements.

Rockwell Allen-Bradley ASEM 6300M compatible with Industrial PC & Thin Clients

Rockwell’s Allen-Bradley ASEM 6300M industrial monitors are compatible ASEM 6300B industrial and thin client PCs. This would help panel integrators provide complete HMI (Human-Machine Interface) solutions. Also, easy integration of the two products will help reduce the time that engineers need to spend configuring monitors to work with PCs.

In addition to this ASEM 6300M monitors are equipped with high-resolution displays to deliver critical production information in clear detail. These monitors could be configured to display up to four tiles of information on a single screen, which could be used to display and compare performance data and process flow. The screen can also be used to display live camera footage of ongoing processes for monitoring purposes.

Rockwell also mentioned that it has standardized the cut-out size required for these monitors. Thus, upgradation of monitors will not be an issue for normal as well as widescreen models.

About Rockwell Automation: Rockwell Automation Inc. is a U.S.-based industrial automation and information technology solution provider. The other brands under its umbrella include Allen-Bradley and FactoryTalk software.

It has around 23,000 employees worldwide and has operations in more than 100 countries worldwide. The company reported net revenue of USD 6.69 billion in FY-2019. In India, the company operates through its wholly-owned subsidiary Rockwell Automation India Pvt. Ltd. headquartered in Gurugram (Haryana) with sales offices all over the country.