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Megha Engineering Secures 2 GW Sharavati Pumped Hydro Storage Project

Hyderabad-based Megha Engineering and Infrastructure Ltd. (MEIL) has secured the order to develop 2 GW Sharavati Pumped Hydro Storage Project (PSP) in Karnataka from Karnataka Power Corporation Ltd. (KPCL). Estimated cost of development of this project is about Rs. 8,000 crore.

Specifics of the Sharavati Pumped Storage Project

Sharavati PSP will be located in Shimoga and Uttara Kannada districts of Karnataka. The project will make use of the existing Talakalale dam as the upper reservoir and Gerusoppa dam as the lower reservoir.

Scope of work in the Sharavati Pumped Storage Project

In order to develop the Sharavati PSP, an underground powerhouse with 8 Francis-type reversible pump-turbine units, each of 250 MW generation capacity, will be established. Associated structures that will be developed for this project include two intakes with mechanical raking arrangement to filter out any debris, two concrete-lined headrace tunnels each 9 m in diameter and 2.7 Km in length, and two inclined circular steel-lined pressure shafts each having 5.25 m diameter and 0.8 Km length.

The project also entails the construction of two circular surge shafts of 16 m diameter and 52 m height. Further, in order to carry the water from the power house to the lower reservoir, two concrete-lined tailrace tunnels will be constructed, one of which will be 3.78 Km long while the other will be 3.83 Km long.

Power to be Evacuated to Talaguppa Substation

Power generated from the Sharavati PSP will be at 18 KV, and will be stepped up to 400 KV for transmission to Talaguppa substation. Transmission shall be done through two 400 KV Double Circuit (D/C) lines.

MEIL Awarded the Project Following Dismissal of L&T’s Challenge by Supreme Court

Megha Engineering and Infra. has secured the Sharavati PSP project after the Supreme Court dismissed L&T’s challenge to the tender process for the project.

L&T had not participated in the tendering process but had expressed its doubts regarding its transparency and legitimacy. The tendering process for Sharavati PSP lasted 21 days, which is significantly shorter than the usual period of 90 days.

Significance of Pumped Storage Projects for India & Current Status

Pumped Storage Hydroprojects have a massive potential to help realise India’s net-zero goal by 2070. Pumped storage projects will compensate for the variable nature of Renewable Energy generation by storing excess power for later use, which can be recovered and fed to the grid in an emission-less way. Further, PSPs typically have a lifespan of over 40-50 years, which is significantly more than any other Energy Storage System (ESS) technology present at the moment.

As per 2023 report by The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), India has 4.75 GW of installed Pumped Hydrostorage capacity, and about 52.6 GW of projects are in various stages of consideration and development.

About Megha Engineering and Infrastructure Ltd.: Megha Engineering and Infrastructure Ltd. was established in 1989 as Megha Engineering Enterprises. The company started off with building pipelines for municipal projects, and has since grown to be a multi-sector infrastructure company. As per India ratings, the company’s revenue for FY-23 stood at Rs. 25,837.7 crore.