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Leoni Cable Launches Ethernet Cable for Food Processing Industry

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Leoni Cable Solutions India, manufacturer of wires and cables has developed and launched a new industrial ethernet cable for use in the food processing industry. This new cable has a double jacket which is resistant to various cleaning agents and chemicals used to maintain hygiene in food processing plants.

Need for Special Double Jacket Cable by Leoni for Food Processing Industry

The food processing industry uses various kinds of edible materials like oils, fats, flour etc. which have a tendency to accumulate on nearby objects over time. Thus, there is a very particular requirement on the machinery and components deployed.

As most plants now work on automated production lines, cables used to run these also need a surface that is hygienic and good to clean. Furthermore, these cables must obtain specific approvals from related regulatory authorities. To meet all these requirements Leoni cables have developed a double jacket cable made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and a thin FEP (fluorinated ethylene propylene) layer.

Benefits of Leoni Cable’s Double Jacket Ethernet Cable

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Leoni Cable’s double jacket cable includes PVC covering which provides the necessary flexibility as well as the prescribed jacket wall thickness. The FEP jacket protects the PVC substructure against aggressive cleaning chemicals, while simultaneously providing a hygienic surface as FEP is resistant to microbes and other microorganisms. The FEP surface is also smooth so that dirt particles do not stick to it. It is also abrasion resistant and free of plasticisers and other additives. The FEP jacket is extruded transparently, therefore PVC jacket is visible with its required colour for identification.

The PVC jacket gives Leoni double jacket cable flexibility and can handle mechanical strain in a drag chain for up to 5,00,000 flex cycles. The cable likewise has torsion resistance ±180° across a meter for one million cycles.

About Leoni Cable Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.: It is a 100% subsidiary of Germany based Leoni AG Group. Leoni is a supplier of wires, cables, cable systems and related services for sectors like transportation, industry and renewable energy. The market-listed group of companies has around 95,000 employees in 32 countries and generated consolidated sales of EUR 5.1 billion in 2018. Leoni India has a production plant near Chakan in Pune, and employs a workforce of 190 people.