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Lapp Launches Single Pair Ethernet Cable

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Lapp India, manufacturer of power, control, data and instrumentation cables, has launched a new single pair Ethernet cable ETHERLINE T1 Y Flex 1x2x22/7 AWG. ETHERLINE T1 is a two-core power-over-Ethernet cable with Polyurethane (PUR) outer sheath.

Lapp’s ETHERLINE T1 Cables for Simultaneous Data & Low Power transmission

Lapp’s ETHERLINE T1 Y Flex has been designed for transmitting digital signals in the frequency range up to 600 MHz. It enables a simultaneous power and data supply to SPE (Single Pair Ethernet) terminals with low energy consumption (up to 50 W). Ethernet T1 is double shielded with aluminium-laminated foil and copper braid for protection against electromagnetic interference.

ETHERLINE T1: Rugged Outer Sheath and less installation Space

Polyurethane outer sheath in Lapp’s ETHERLINE T1 Y Flex is resistant to acids and alkalis and is partially oil-resistant. Ethernet T1 cable can also be installed on open cable trays due to its rugged properties. It can transmit up to a range of 1200m at 10 Mbit/s without any data disruption. Being single pair data plus low power supply cable, Ethernet T1’s reduced dimensions enables installation in small spaces. Lapp claims that this new cable can reduce installation time by 50% compared to other cables in the same category.

Mr. Christian Illenseer, Product Manager-Industrial Communication, Lapp Cables said “Single-pair Ethernet is an important technology for the future. But to achieve broad market penetration we need standardised and uniform connectors”. He adds: “You need a single standard to ensure the compatibility of the components”.

About Lapp India: Lapp India Pvt. Ltd., a 100% subsidiary of Lapp Systems GmbH Germany, is a supplier and manufacturer of cables and cable accessories. It started operations in India in 1996 with manufacturing units at Jigani, Bangalore and Pilukhedi, Bhopal. Lapp India employs around 300 people. Its turnover for FY-19 stood at around INR 616 Crore.