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India’s IISc Successfully Generates Green Hydrogen from Biomass

Researchers at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bengaluru have developed a method to generate Green Hydrogen from biomass. This information was given in a press release by IISc dated 12th July 2022.

Dr. S Dasappa, Professor at the Centre for Sustainable Technologies, and Chair of the Interdisciplinary Centre for Energy Research at IISc, developed this process with his team of researchers. Biomass is used to generate Syn-gas in this method, using steam and Oxygen. Syn-gas is a mixture of Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen, and this Hydrogen is extracted using a low-pressure gas separation unit, which has been indigenously developed at IISc.

This method extracts about 100 grams of Green Hydrogen per Kg of biomass, even though biomass has only 60 gram worth of Hydrogen content. The steam used in the process contributes an additional 40 gram of Hydrogen. This process is carbon-negative, as it captures carbon in its solid form.