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LAPP Launches Ethernet Cable Monitoring Device Etherline Guard in India

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LAPP, the manufacturer of cables and cable-related equipment has announced the launch of Etherline Guard in key markets globally, including India. This would be the latest addition to LAPP’s industrial communication device portfolio.

LAPP’s Etherline Guard: Stationary Monitoring Device for Ethernet Cable

LAPP Etherline Guard is a stationary monitoring device that continuously monitors health of an Ethernet cable. The device detects decline in the performance of the ethernet cable and displays it with the cable status.

Etherline Guard operates with 24V DC power supply and can function for a temperature range between -40°C to +75°C. Size of the device is 49 mm wide, 76.5mm high and 36mm deep. It is resistant to vibrations and shock in accordance with DIN EN 60529.

LAPP Etherline Guard Use Cases in Robotics and Industrial Automation

Lapp stated that Etherline Guard device is particularly useful for data cables that are exposed to constant mechanical stress, including movement at high speed and acceleration, changing motion sequences, rotations with very high axial angles of rotation, short cycle times and small bending radii.

For example, it can be installed at the end of the communication cable connected to a drag chain or robotic arm.

The device can also help in preventive maintenance where downtime is critical, and may result in huge losses. Etherline Guard can also be used in Ethernet-based networks for automation technology in manufacturing units where it can monitor the service life of a data cable and predicting potential failure.

Etherline Guard comes with IP20 rating suitable for mounting on DIN rails and can also be installed inside control cabinets. The installation of this device is easy as it does not require a new data cable or any changes to the cable design.

About LAPP India: LAPP Gruppe, the Germany-based cable and wire company, entered India in 1996. LAPP India has two manufacturing facilities, one in Bhopal and the other in Bengaluru. The company deals in power & control cables, data communication cables for Ethernet and Fieldbus technology, optical transmission systems, industrial connectors, glands, conduits, cable markers, tools and accessories.