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Honeywell Rolls Out Three New Products For SMEs Under New Brand ‘Impact’

Honeywell India has introduced a new brand ‘Impact’ to cater to the growing mid-market segment in India. Under brand ‘Impact’ Honeywell announced the launch of three locally developed products in India. The offerings include an AC controller, an AI-based video surveillance offering and a DIY connected smoke detector.

Honeywell’s Market Strategy behind Launch of new Brand ‘Impact’

Honeywell Logo

Honeywell in its press release stated that products under Impact brand are engineered and designed in India. With this new product portfolio Honeywell is targeting small and medium enterprise (SME) customers in tier-1 and tier-2 cities. The company said these products have been designed to increase productivity, enhance safety, reduce costs and enhance compliance for its SME clients.

These products would be available on leading e-commerce platforms as plug-and-play products and solutions.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Ashish Modi, President, Honeywell Building Technologies, Asia said “The depth of our engineering experience in India provides us with an understanding of local requirements and has helped us create a local-for-local manufacturing ecosystem. We are excited about the strong demand for our products and look forward to continuing to expand our offerings to serve our customers in India”.

Honeywell’s Impact Product Offering

Honeywell ‘Impact’ AC Controller

Small and mid-sized commercial buildings conventionally do not rely on centralized air conditioning for their cooling needs, typically using remote-controlled split, cassette and window air conditioners (ACs). All these require human intervention to turn on or off.

The Impact AC controller is battery-operated human presence detection plug an play offering. It ensures that ACs are not left running in unoccupied cabins, meeting rooms, conference rooms. AC being the main power consumer in small and mid-sized buildings, Honeywell claims that these can potentially save businesses up to 30% in energy costs.

AI-based video surveillance by Impact

The other offering under ‘Impact’ is AI-based video surveillance comprising integrated camera-processor setup, which performs analytics on the Edge (Edge Computing). It instantly delivers alerts to the user via a mobile app. This removes the need to invest in expensive servers or increase network bandwidth to perform video analytics. The product uses proprietary algorithms and offers data analytics through its cloud infrastructure. It is offered with a subscription-based engagement model.

Wireless Smoke Detector Under brand Impact

The third offering under ‘Impact’ is wireless smoke detector, which is a DIY (Do It Yourself) offering for buildings in which elaborate installations of wired fire detection systems are not possible.