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Godrej & Boyce Launches E-Switch Technology For Its Motors

Godrej & Boyce Manufacturing Ltd., Indian multi-industry conglomerate, has announced that its business Godrej Lawkim Motors has launched electronic-switch (E-Switch) technology for its range of general-purpose motors.

E-Switch Technology to Replace Centrifugal Switch technology in Motors

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E-Switch technology will be used in place of the centrifugal switch technology for switching from start-winding to main-winding in single-phase motors.

*Start winding is the small winding which helps to start the rotation of rotor whereas main-winding is the bigger winding which runs the rotor to full capacity after certain speed is achieved through start-winding.

Replacement of mechanical parts with electronic components has been a trend since evolution of solid-state devices. Using e-switch in place of centrifugal switches is one such move which will not only help in designing compact motors but also more reliable motors.

Godrej Lawkim Motors in its press release stated that “it is the first in India to introduce and shift to E-Switch technology that prevents sparking at the contact point and eliminates unwanted noise previously experienced with a centrifugal gear assembly”.

E-Switches to Increase Motor Life and Offer Easy Maintenance

With no sparking at contact points during switching and less mechanical wear and tear e-switch provides motors a longer life than the centrifugal switch. The e-switch module is also easily replaceable thereby saves time and maintenance cost in case of any failure.

Overload and Failure Warning in Godrej Boyce E-Switch Motors

Godrej is also offering alarms in E-Switch motors which will provide warnings in the event of an overload and lock-rotor conditions

Speaking on the occasion Mr. Xercsis K Marker, Executive Vice President & Business Head, Godrej Lawkim Motors said “After extensive field research and testing, Godrej Lawkim Motors is delighted to launch India’s first E-Switch technology that will serve sustainably across all sectors including Agriculture, Food, Dairy, Domestic, and Construction. Currently, we are aiming to achieve 30 per cent of the market share for 100S frame motors”.