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FLIR Launches Non-Contact High Voltage Detector

FLIR Systems, the test and measurement instrument manufacturer has announced the Indian launch of DV690, its first non-contact high voltage detector with a detection range of up to 69,000 Volts (69 KV).

FLIR Systems’ DV690 Industrial Grade High-Voltage Detector for Early Warning

FLIR’s DV690 is an industrial-grade equipment that provides early warning alerts about presence of energized electrical components for utility line-workers, telecommunications installers, first responders, search and rescue teams, and tree removal services working near high voltage transmission lines.

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FLIR is offering five flexible mounting options with DV690: handheld, around the neck, clipped to a belt, strapped to an arm, or attached to a universal spline hot stick.

Out of these five, the three handsfree possibilities would allow operators to carry out regular tasks without having to be engaged in high voltage detection around them. Using a hot stick creates a safer distance from voltage source, extending operator’s reach.

Working of FLIR DV690 and Features offered

High Voltage non-contact detectors don’t need a test probe to touch the wire or surface that is being tested. The voltage, or more correctly the Electric Field (or Electric Charge), produced by the voltage is detected using the principal of Capacitive Coupling.

FLIR DV690 features a bright LED alarm and 106 decibels (dB) buzzer to notify users of the presence of dangerous voltage around them, adding another layer of protection in hazardous conditions.

DV690 comes with IP54 rated housing for protection from dust and moisture.

FLIR also said that DV690 has passed drop test from 4 ft (1.2 m) considering its use in harsh environments. Additionally, there is a built-in safety test function which would assure operators if the unit is in proper working condition and reliable for field use.

FLIR DV690 Package Offerings and Price

Offered with a 2-year warranty, the FLIR DV690 is available for around INR 22,000 through company website and authorized dealers. The complete DV690 kit includes a hard-carrying case, safety break-away lanyard, arm strap, water resistant soft pouch, universal hot stick adapter, and 3x AA batteries.

About FLIR Systems India: FLIR Systems India was established in 2009, and a direct subsidiary of Teledyne FLIR LLC, a U.S. based testing, measurement and thermal imaging equipment manufacturer. The Indian headquarter is in Delhi with marketing offices in various cities of the country.