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Elmeasure Launches Power Quality Analyzer iD-LOG 8000

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Elmeasure India Pvt. Ltd., the Indian manufacturer of smart meters and electrical instruments has come up with a new power quality analyzer for industrial application. It is named iD-LOG 8000 which is a portable device to analyze power quality.

Need of Power Quality Analysis

Power quality may not be a significant issue in domestic usage but in industrial usage where huge amount of power is consumed it could affect in several ways. Poor power quality may increase energy bills and damage expensive equipment. The downtime due to faulty equipment in turn affects productivity.

Features of Elmeasure’s iD-LOG 8000 Power Quality Analyser

Elmeasure iD-LOG 8000 allows measurements and analysis of various factors of power quality such as Swell, Dip, Interruption, transients, and harmonics. The iD-LOG 8000 is a portable device which can also be operated for extended hours without main power supply as it comes with high capacity rechargeable batteries (with more than 24 hours of battery life).

Both medium and low voltage power system integrated with 2/3/4 wire connection can be measured through this.

It displays Power, Waveform and Vector graphs for an enhanced display of the monitored output power quality.

It comes with 4GB SD card storage and compatible software suite for analysis. The instrument can be connected to PC via USB port.  

About Elmeasure Pvt. Ltd.: Elmeasure Pvt. Ltd. is one the largest manufacturers of Digital Panel Meters, Prepaid Meters & custom energy saving solutions provider in India. It was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in Bengaluru, Karnataka. It has around 500 employees all over India.