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B&R Automation Launches Power Panel for web-based HMI Application

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B&R Automation, part of ABB Group, has launched the ‘T80 operator terminal’ power panel. It is the latest addition to company’s T series of industrial power panels enabling web based HMI display and control.

What are web based HMI solutions?

The web-based HMI solutions run client application from any web browser by simple user login. This also gives user access to latest version of application with updates.

Unlike the older HMI solutions which needed installation and storage of the client software / application and also needed regular upgrades with re-installation for new updates.

Distinguishing features of T80 Operator Terminal

The T80 operator terminal has Intel Atom processor for dynamic web-based HMI solution. It comes with a glass screen with integrated edge protection to endure harsh usage in daily industrial operation. The screen diagonal display size varies from 7 inches to 15 inches.

The capacitive multi-touch screen offers precision and reliability, operable with safety gloves too.

Configuration and Operating System

The power panel has a single service page where IP address, DHCP server and screen saver could be configured. These settings can be copied to other T80 power panels using a flash drive.

The operating system is protected from any unwanted changes via permission / providing user login. Application data is stored in RAM memory during runtime.

About B&R Automation

B&R Automation is a multinational company headquartered in Austria and a part of ABB Group since its acquisition on July 6, 2017. It provides software and hardware solutions for Industrial automation. In India, it is headquartered in Pune with offices in many major cities.