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Apar Introduces ‘POWEROIL TO NE Premium’ Transformer Oil

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Apar Industries Ltd., a Gujarat-headquartered manufacturer in the conductors, specialty oils, lubricants, and cables space, has introduced a new transformer oil in its ‘POWEROIL’ range. This transformer oil has been branded as ‘POWEROIL TO NE Premium’.

Salient Features of Apar’s ‘POWEROIL TO NE Premium’

POWEROIL TO NE Premium is a K Class Natural Ester-based transformer oil with a flash point of 327 degrees Celsius. K Class transformer oils have a flash point* of over 300 degrees Celsius and are therefore highly stable.

* Flash point of transformer oil refers to the temperature at which the oil vapours can form a flammable mixture with air.

‘POWEROIL TO NE Premium’ Offers 164 Hours of Oxidative Life

POWEROIL TO NE Premium transformer oil by Apar offers an oxidative life** of 164 hours and meets the IEC 62770: 2013, ASTM D 6871 – 17, and IS 16659:2017 specifications. Further, the oil’s oxidative life is significantly more than the 48-hour life specified by the IEC 62770 standard.

**All transformer oils undergo oxidative breakdown, which leads to the production of by-products which contaminate the oil and affect the transformer’s efficiency. These impurities can also lead to corrosion and damage to the transformer.

Low-Viscosity Buildup as per IEC 61125C Standard

Apar’s POWEROIL TO NE Premium has a low viscosity buildup even after being in use for its oxidative lifetime. Viscosity buildup in the oil is less than 7% at 164 hours of use, which is in accordance with the IEC 61125C standard.

Low viscosity of transformer oil is desirable since it ensures that heat dissipation in the transformer is more efficient on account of better circulation of the oil.

High Biodegradability, Suitable for Use in Eco-Sensitive Zones

Apar’s new addition to its POWEROIL transformer oils range is made from plant-based feedstocks and is essentially a blend of natural triglyceride esters (vegetable oil). This makes the oil largely bio-degradable (more than 90% biodegradability).

As mentioned by Apar’s Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for the product, POWEROIL TO NE Premium is safe to be used even in eco-sensitive zones. The oil has low mobility in soil, low tendency for bioaccumulation, and low toxicity to aquatic life.

Brief Glimpse into Apar Industries’ Specialty Oils Segment

Apar Industries is a major manufacturer of specialty and transformer oils, and in FY-23, the company reported a revenue of Rs. 4,656.69 crore from this segment.

As per the company’s FY-23 Annual Report, it is the third largest manufacturer of transformer oils in the world. The report further states that POWEROIL holds over 60% market share in high-grade power transformer oil and 40% market share in distribution transformer oil segment in India.

For its specialty oils segment, Apar has three facilities, two of which are located in India and one situated in Hamariyah free zone (Sharjah, UAE). These facilities have a cumulative production capacity of 4,86,582 KL per annum.