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Apar Industries FY22 Income Up 46% YoY to 9352 Cr., PAT Soars by 60%

Apar Industries Limited [NSE: APARINDS, BOM: 532259], an Indian manufacturer of cables and conductors, has announced its financials for the last quarter of FY-22.

Comparison of Apar’s Consolidated Financial Results

YoY Comparison of Consolidated Financials: Q4 FY-21 vs Q4 FY-22 & FY-21 vs FY-22

Comparison of Apar’s Financials: FY-21 vs FY-22

Apar Industries reported a total income of Rs 3,021.31 crore in the fourth quarter of FY-22 against Rs 1,905.29 crore for the same period in FY21. This translates to an impressive increase of 58.57%.

A YoY comparison of the company’s Q4 Profit After Tax (PAT) exhibits a remarkable growth of 73.44%. PAT rose to Rs 82.61 crore in FY-22 from Rs 47.63 crore in FY-21.

Considering the entire fiscal year, in FY-22 Apar’s total income was Rs 9,352.48 crore, which is 45.98% higher than Rs 6,406.63 crore clocked during FY-21.

PAT during 2021-2022 rose by 59.95% to Rs 256.73 crore from Rs 160.50 crore for 2020-21.

Quarter-wise Comparison of Apar’s Financials: Q3 FY-22 vs Q4 FY-22

Comparison of Apar’s Financials: Q4 FY-21 vs Q4 FY-22 vs Q3 FY-22

From Q3 to Q4 of FY-22, Apar’s total income increased by 35.11% from Rs 2,236.13 crore.

The company’s PAT also escalated by 50.30% in the same period from Rs 54.96 crore for quarter ended 31st December 2021.

Apar Industries’ Segment-wise Revenue Comparison

Apar Industries Segment-wise Revenue Comparison: Q4 FY21 vs Q4 FY22 vs Q3 FY-22 & FY21 vs FY22; *ALL FIGURES IN Rs. Cr.

Conductors: The company’s Q4 FY22 revenue from its conductor segment increased to Rs 1,503.36 crore. This is a 79.70% YoY growth from Rs 836.58 crore and a 59.86% QoQ growth from Rs 940.37 crore respectively.

For the entire year, Apar’s revenue from this segment was Rs 4,203.85 crore in FY-22, which is 44.56% higher than Rs 2,908.03 reported for FY-21.

Transformer and Speciality Oils: Fourth Quarter revenue from Apar’s oils segment was Rs 928.17 crore in FY-22. This is a 29.15% increase from Rs 718.66 reported for the same period in the previous fiscal. A QoQ comparison of the company’s revenue from this segment reveals a marginal 2.52% increase from Q3 of FY-22.

Speaking of the entire fiscal, during FY-22 the company’s revenue from oils was Rs 3,560.44 crore, which is 50.62% higher than Rs 2,363.83 crore recorded for FY-21.

Power/Telecom Cable: This segment showed robust growth of 54.21% in Q4 revenue YoY, to Rs 682.65 crore in FY-22 from Rs 442.65 crore in FY-21. QoQ growth from Q3 to Q4 of 2021-2022 was 40.41% from Rs 486.16 crore.

Annual revenue from Power / Telecom Cables segment grew by 57.04% to Rs 1,993.74 crore during FY-22 from Rs 1,269.51 crore during FY-21.

Summary of Apar’s Q4 FY-22 Financial Performance

Talking about Apar’s revenue growth during FY-22, a company statement said, “Amidst the prolonged impact of covid and other global headwinds, we were able to deliver a strong performance during the year with Revenue Growth of 46% compared to the previous financial year”. This figure refers to the increase YoY increase in income during the entire fiscal.

Further, exports contributed 38% to the company’s FY-22 revenue.

About Apar Industries Limited: Apar Industries Ltd. was founded in 1958, and has presence in over 125 countries as a supplier of conductors, transmission cables, speciality oils, polymers and lubricants.