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Afcons Emerges L1 Bidder for Jaipur Metro’s Phase 1C Package

Afcons Infrastructure Ltd. has emerged as the Lowest (L1) bidder for civil construction work of package UG-03 of Jaipur metro’s phase 1C with a bid of Rs. 630.45 crore. This package comprises a 3.41 Km long section connecting Badi Chaupar to Transport Nagar.

Scope of work under the aforementioned package includes construction of twin tunnels using cut-cover method, design & construction of Ramganj Chaupar underground station. It also includes construction of cut & cover tunnel boxes from Badi Chaupar to dead end at Chainage (Ch.) 10387.860. Development of an underground ramp from Ch. 10387.860 to Ch. 13040 of phase 1C of Jaipur Metro also falls under the scope of work of this package. Additionally, the package entails architectural finishing, entry-exit structures, sanitary installations, and drainage works.

Jaipur Metro Rail Corporation (JMRC) invited bids for this tender in June 2023 with an estimated cost of Rs. 717.23 crore.