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ABB lends Software Support to Manufacturing in Fight with Corona Virus

As the novel coronavirus continues to spread rapidly across the world, ABB the leading industrial solution provider has come forward to support the manufacturing industry.

ABB’s Robotics and Automation business is offering its key software services free of charge. It would be helpful for its customers and partners to keep their manufacturing units in operation and cut down some extra costs.

ABB’s Electrification business is also waving off all the fees for electrical services and software suite for hospitals.

The free services would be available until December 31st, 2020.

ABB’s Digital Solution: Remote Operations and Reduced Interface

ABB’s digital solution will allow manufacturers to manage their production lines remotely. Also with current need of social distancing factories using robotic systems can work at optimal performance with least human interaction. Digital tools can also be utilized to design and prepare projects that will be ready for implementation once things get back to normal.

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Mr. Tarak Mehta, President of ABB’s Electrification business said “We appreciate the challenges which our customers are facing at this time and are committed to helping them achieve greater operational stability and savings”.

The services offered by ABB in this free suite include condition monitoring and diagnostics, asset management software and remote troubleshooting and monitoring of production lines for the delivery of important supplies.

The list of software made available free of charge is as below:

ABB’s Ability Connected Services

‘Ability Connected Services’ is trademark software by ABB for condition monitoring and diagnostics services. This platform monitors the health and performance of single robots or entire fleet functionality, helping customers to monitor and run robot systems at optimal performance remotely.

It also generates early warning and alarms to prevent breakdown.


RobotStudio is a simulation and offline programming software from ABB. This software offers a digital replica or digital twin of physical assets or systems. With RobotStudio’s offline programming tool users can create, simulate and test a complete production setup in a virtual 3D environment without disturbing the actual production line.

ABB Ability Electrical Distribution Control System (EDCS)

Alongwith automation, ABB is also offering free energy asset management software. EDCS is a digital energy management platform which can help monitor and manage energy consumption in a factory or a plant. According to ABB, businesses can save up to 30 % on operational costs using this platform.

Virtual Technical Support For any kind of technical assistance ABB is offering free virtual technical support via platforms like Skype, Zoom, Teams. This service can be accessed by contacting local ABB representative.