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ABB Launches Digital Solutions for Mining E-Vehicles

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ABB Ltd. has launched ABB Ability eMine, a portfolio of solutions to help maximise usage of E-vehicles in mines for achieving Zero-Carbon emissions in mines.

ABB’s Ability eMine – Energy Optimisation and Monitoring for Mining Electric Vehicles

ABB’s Ability eMine digital portfolio comprises of electrical infrastructure integrated with digital applications and services to monitor and optimise energy usage inside mines as well as outside, all the way upto the port (or the termination point). ABB’s soluation can support electrical mining equipment across various areas like hoisting, grinding, hauling and material handling.

Digital panel of ABB Ability eMine

It also incorporates the ABB Ability eMine Trolley System, which is for monitoring and control of electric mining trolleys, replacing the currently used diesel run trolleys.

Ability eMine also provides charging infrastructure design planning feature to help in designing a hauling process in the most optimized way with electrical solutions that match a mine’s constraints and help meet production targets.

ABB Ability eMine FastCharge for Rapid Charging of Mine EVs

ABB will include Ability eMine FastCharge from 2022 in this portfolio, which provides high-power electric charging point for haul trucks and is currently in pilot phase. This is a fully automated solution and is designed for the harsh environment in mines.

Ability eMine FastCharge can be installed anywhere and can charge any electric truck up to 600KW, the highest power available on today’s market. Charging time will depend on battery capacity onboard the haul truck and operational profile, however ABB claims that in many instances a suitable state of charge could be reached within 15 minutes.

E-Vehicles in Mining for Reducing Carbon Emissions and Optimising Energy Usage

Mining is a major and indispensable activity for producing resources like minerals, metals  etc. to meet industrial as well as household demand. With World’s mining resources contracting and mining activities related Carbon emissions contributing to global warming, mining companies are inclined towards use of EVs. Use of EVs in mining will also help reduce fuel costs in comparison to the conventional fossil fuel vehicles.

Indian mining companies are also showing interest in mining EVs, Hindustan Zinc in February 2021 anounced an MoU with Epiroc for deploying Battery Electric Vehicles in it’s mines. Electric Vehicle adoption in mining and other heavy industries is not just a cost friendly move but also a necessity to curb climate change and rising global temperatures.