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WIKA Launches Automatic Pressure Switch & Mobile Calibration Van in India


WIKA Instruments India Pvt. Ltd., the electrical equipment manufacturer, recently launched the PSM-630 pressure switch. According to WIKA, this heavy-duty automatic pressure switch would be suitable for applications in industrial air compressors and water pumps.

WIKA PSM-630 Automatic Pressure Switch Applications

WIKA PSM-630 Automatic Pressure Switch

In addition to use in industrial air compressors and water pumps, WIKA’s newly launched automatic pressure switch model PSM-630 can also be used in industrial control and alarm applications. The pressure switch can work on both 3-phase and 1-phase connections. It can switch electrical loads up to AC 440 V, 16 A.

The switch provides added functionality where automatic cut-off can be manually adjusted by the customer on-site within prescribed range. WIKA PSM-630 also provides a manual On/Off knob through which the contact system can be locked in the open position, irrespective of the process pressure. This helps to maintain safety of the machine and workplace.

Expressing his views on the occasion Mr. Gaurav Bawa, Sr Vice President- WIKA India, said “PSM-630 is being launched in India after market research and alignment with the requirement of the customers who were looking for a flexible but safe pressure switch. This is one of the many products in line that WIKA is planning to launch in Indian markets”.

WIKA Launches Mobile Calibration Van for On-Site Calibration of its Instruments

WIKA Mobile Calibration Van

WIKA Instruments on 21st July 2022 launched Mobile Calibration Van for maintenance and repair at clients’ doorstep. WIKA’s Mobile Calibration Van will be initially available in areas around Chennai and Bangalore. Further, the company has plans to launch mobile calibration vans in Northern and Western India.

WIKA will be locating these mobile calibration vans at strategic locations to ensure coverage of maximum client locations. According to WIKA these mobile vans are suitable for large, multi-site companies that have lots of measuring equipment that needs to be continuously available 24 hours a day.

WIKA Mobile Calibration Vans to Reduce Transportation Costs and Available 24×7

WIKA mobile calibration vans have complete calibration laboratories setup and can travel to facilities to calibrate equipment that needs to be available continuously (24×7). This will help to optimise costs and shipping time. At the end of the calibration, a report will be provided which shows a measurement error. It measures the value before and after calibration, which helps the clients to determine the functionality and condition of the device.

These calibration vans will also be able to rule out any delays in instrument transportation.

Commenting on this launch Mr. Gaurav Bawa, said “Post sales Service and Quality of the products are always most important parameters for acceptability and dependence on any product. In our endeavour to give the best to the customers, we came up with the concept of mobile calibration vans—to take servicing to their doorstep, instead of them shipping the machine to us, which used to be the general practice”.

About WIKA: WIKA Instruments India Pvt. Ltd. established on September 2, 1997, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of WIKA Alexander Wiegand SE & Co KG, Germany – a multinational manufacturer and supplier of electrical instruments and accessories. WIKA India deals in pressure, temperature, level, force, flow measurement, SF6 gas handling equipment and calibration technology. Its main office and manufacturing facility in India is in Pune with offices in most of the major cities of India.