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Vedanta Launches B2B Ecommerce Platform ‘MetalBazaar’ for Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metals

Vedanta Logo

Vedanta, one of India’s largest metal producers, has launched ‘MetalBazaar’, its B2B e-commerce platform for the purchase of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Even though Vedanta has recently launched MetalBazaar formally, discovered upon interaction with several cable manufacturers that MetalBazaar has been active for the past several months.

“World’s Largest Metals Marketplace” – Vedanta

As per Vedanta, its MetalBazaar platform is the ‘world’s largest metals marketplace’. Vedanta MetalBazaar is accessible as a website, as well as through the ‘Vedanta Metal Bazaar’ app available for Android and IOS.

Non-Ferrous Offerings by Vedanta MetalBazaar

Copper rods

Vedanta MetalBazaar’s non-Ferrous offerings comprise Aluminium, Copper, Zinc, Lead and Silver.

MeatlBazaar’s catalogue offers these metals in diverse forms such as cathodes, billets, flip coils, ingots, Primary Foundry Alloy (PFA), sheets, slabs, coils and wire rods. The platform further offers multiple grades of Copper, Zinc and Lead such as Continuous Cast Rod (CCR) Copper, Continuous Galvanized Grade (CGG) Zinc, Electro-Plating (EPG) Zinc, High Grade (HG) & Special High Grade (SHG) Zinc, Prime Western (PW) Zinc, Hindustan Zinc Die-casting Alloy (HZDA), and 99.99% pure Lead.

Moreover, Vedanta’s low-Carbon footprint Aluminium brand Restora is also available on MetalBazaar.

Vedanta MetalBazaar’s Ferrous Metals Product Range

Amongst Ferrous metals, Vedanta MetalBazaar offers pig Iron in various grades, Ductile Iron pipes, wire rods, and TMT rebars. Apart from these offerings, Vedanta MetalBazaar also offers metallurgical coke for purchase.

Vedanta MetalBazaar Ferrous Metals Catalogue Webpage

AI-Powered Real-time Price Discovery, Order Tracking & Grievance Redressal

Vedanta MetalBazaar employs Artificial Intelligence (AI) to display product prices to potential customers. This feature takes into account fluctuating commodity prices and provides customers with price quotations based on their requirements and delivery parameters. In its press release pertaining to Vedanta MetalBazaar, the company stated that this feature “…enables customers to make informed purchase decisions based on order history, dynamic market scenarios, and competitive rates in just a few clicks”.

Apart from this, MetalBazaar provides customers with live tracking of their orders, which, as per Vedanta, is the first instance of such facility being provided in the metals industry. Further, customers can connect with Vedanta’s support teams with their grievances via a ‘single window’.

Financial Assistance provided by Vedanta MetalBazaar

Vedanta MetalBazaar offers financial assistance to buyers via channel financing through several banks and Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs). Some of these financial institutions include Yes Bank, ICICI Bank, Hero FinCorp, Tata Capital, Vivriti Capital and Axis Bank.

Non-Ferrous Portal Powered by Moglix, Ferrous Portal Developed in Partnership with Mjunction

Vedanta MetalBazaar’s non-Ferrous metals portal is powered by Moglix, a prominent online store for industrial equipment, while the platform’s Ferrous metals portal is powered by Mjunction, a Kolkata-based e-commerce player engaged in the development of online B2B e-auction and e-procurement platforms.

“Driven by Customer-First Obsession” – Vedanta Aluminium CEO

John Slaven Vedanta Aluminium CEO
Mr. John Slaven, CEO of Vedanta Aluminium

During the launch of Vedanta MetalBazaar, Mr. John Slaven, CEO, of Vedanta Aluminium said, “At Vedanta Aluminium, we are driven by a customer-first obsession to constantly innovate solutions that not only ensure business success for our customers but also contribute to the overall growth of the country”.

He added that Vedanta MetalBazaar is a step towards “democratising” access to quality Aluminium by making it “readily available to all sections”.

Vedanta MetalBazaar Receives Favourable Initial Reviews

Speaking about his experience with Vedanta MetalBazaar, Mr. Manoj Kumar Jain, Senior General Manager, KEI Industries, said “It provides all the necessary information, including test certificates, real-time credit balance, order history, as well as live location for dispatches – which is incredibly helpful. I’m excited about upcoming features like live hedging and WhatsApp integration, which showcases their commitment to innovation”.

Mr. Abhishek Aggarwal, owner of Alwar-based Sant Aluminium, said, “The platform is easy to use and there is no limit on purchase quantity. The feedback system contributes to better planning, and the mobile app is a handy tool for on-the-go order tracking”.

About Vedanta Ltd.: Vedanta Ltd. is a Mumbai-headquartered Indian mining and minerals company. Vedanta’s net income from operations during FY-23 stood at Rs. 1,45,404 crore. The company employs about 1,50,000 employees directly or indirectly.