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Vedanta Launches Low Carbon Aluminium Brand ‘Restora’

Vedanta Ltd.’s Aluminium Business has launched ‘Restora’, its low carbon aluminium brand. The company unveiled two product lines – Restora (*low carbon aluminium) and Restora Ultra (ultra-low carbon aluminium) under the brand.

*Low carbon aluminium refers to the primary aluminium produced using renewable energy to reduce carbon emmision in the process.

Vedanta Aluminium stated that it is the first major non-ferrous Indian metals producer to manufacture low carbon products (primary aluminium).

Low Carbon Aluminium – Vedanta to take First Mover Advantage in India

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With Restora, Vedanta Aluminium expects to address the demand for low carbon aluminium, driven by greater climate consciousness. Vedanta’s Restora is being manufactured at its Jharsuguda aluminium smelter using renewable energy. Vedanta claimed that Restora has a GHG (Green House Gases) emission intensity below 4 Tonnes of CO2 equivalent (TCO2e) per tonne of aluminium manufactured. The global threshold for aluminium to be considered as low carbon aluminium is 4 TCO2e. The Restora Ultra has an even lower carbon footprint that according to the company is amongst the lowest in the World.

Vedanta Aluminium also claimed that it already has interested customers for the first production volume of 100 Kilo tonnes of Restora and Restora Ultra aluminium.

Vedanta Aluminium will be providing Restora and Restora Ultra as Billets, Primary Foundry Alloy (PFA), Wire Rods, Slabs, P1020 Ingots, and more, customized to the needs of the end-use industries.

Launching the Restora brand, Mr. Rahul Sharma, CEO, Aluminium Business, Vedanta Ltd. said “Restora has a GHG emission intensity which is almost half of the global threshold for low carbon aluminium. With consumers becoming increasingly conscious of the provenance of the products they use, Vedanta’s Restora will provide them the assurance that the aluminium they purchase has amongst the lowest carbon footprints in the world.”

Vedanta Partners with Runaya Refining- a Green Solutions Startup

Restora Ultra is made from recovered aluminium through Vedanta’s partnership with Runaya Refining. Runaya is a manufacturing start-up founded in 2017 which provides end-to-end green solutions for recovery of aluminium and processing residual waste from aluminium smelters in Odisha.

Speaking about co-creating Restora Ultra, Annanya Agarwal, co-founder, Runaya added “We are delighted to collaborate with Vedanta to create this innovative new product. Runaya has been working towards disrupting the linear economy model by building in principles of circularity and sustainability into the design of the resources industry”.

Global Brands Increasing Use of Low Carbon Aluminium

In March 2021 the global automotive company Audi announced that it will be sourcing low carbon aluminium for building its first Electric sports vehicle. Apple Inc. also started using low carbon Aluminium in some of its product range from 2020 like the companies popular laptop series 16 inch Macbook Pro.