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Torrent Power Lowest Bidder at INR 2.47/KWh for 300 MW Solar Project in Andhra

In a solar auction conducted by Andhra Pradesh Green Energy Corporation (APGECL), Ahmadabad based Torrent Power emerged the lowest bidder (L1) by quoting a tariff of Rs. 2.47 /KWh. This quote was submitted for 300 MW Solar Power project to be developed at the Kambadur Ultra Mega Solar Park located in Anantapuram district of Andhra Pradesh.

This is the lowest tariff quoted by any solar generation company in Andhra Pradesh to date. Before this, Soft Bank backed SB Energy Pvt. Ltd. and another company Sprng Soura Kiran Vidyut quoted INR 2.70/KWH tariff for 250 MW solar power project each back in 2018.