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Thermo Cables eying new segments with Electron Beam Cables

Thermo Cables in a Hyderabad based leading manufacturer of Instrumentation, various Specialty cables and Control cables. The company is part of the larger Thermo Group that also manufactures heat tracing and heating cables, fuel oil handling systems, fire detection and protection systems etc.

Thermo Cables E-Beam Facility

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As per latest inputs Thermo Cables has successfully commissioned an Electron Beam irradiation facility with a high power capacity Elecof 3 MeV (Mega Electron Volt) and at an estimated investment of near INR 20 Cr. Thermo Cables has been traditionally a manufacturer of Specialty and Instrumentation cables, but going by the estimated capacity of the E-Beam facility it appears that the company plans to manufacture much larger Power cables.

Benefits of E-Beam Curing

Electron Beam Irradiation is the process of bombarding high energy electrons on to an object such as cables or diamonds in order to achieve enhancements, superior cross-linking and thus superior properties / performance. In case of cables, E-Beam Irradiated cables are superior to conventional cables (chemically cross-linked) such as with respect to higher current carrying capacity, flame resistance, reduced smoke in care of fire, higher volume resistivity, greater tensile strength, longer lifespan etc.

Thermo’s Entry into New Market Segments

With this superior curing process the company is eying new markets in Defence, Railways, Shipbuilding and Wind Energy with the commissioning of this prestigious facility. Commissioning of an E-Beam facility (Beta Radiation) requires an approval from BARC.

Though E-Beam process is not new to India, this is a significant milestone for Thermo Cables and should pave the way for its entry into exciting markets for the company.