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SOCOMEC India Launches DELPHYS MX Elite+ UPS for Industrial & Critical Applications

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SOCOMEC India, an electrical equipment manufacturer, has launched DELPHYS MX Elite+, its new UPS for industrial applications. This information was shared by the company via a press release dated 22nd May 2024.

Key Features of SOCOMEC’s DELPHYS MX Elite+ UPS

SOCOMEC’s newly-launched UPS conforms to IEC 62040-1/IS 16242 (Part 1):2014 and IEC 62040-2 standards for UPS to be used in low voltage distribution systems.

Further this UPS comes with rated input voltage of 380 V, 400 V and 415 V, with a voltage tolerance of ±20%. Input frequency of the UPS has been rated as 50/60 Hz. The output voltage of DELPHYS MX Elite+ has been rated as 380 V, 400 V, and 415 V, with a voltage tolerance of ±1%. The frequency of the output will be 50/60 Hz.

Further, the output voltage distortion in case of linear load has been stated as less than or equal to 1%, and less than or equal to 5% in case of nonlinear load.

The UPS can withstand upto 150% overload for 1 minute, and 125% overload for 10 minutes. SOCOMEC adds that the UPS features “High short-circuit current capacity, which facilitates the selection of protection devices in downstream distribution”.

Three Phase Transformer-based UPS with IGBT Architechture

SOCOMEC’s DELPHYS MX Elite+ is a three-phase transformer-based UPS. This feature adds robustness to the device by minimising points of failure, and isolating input and output supplies (Galvanic isolation), which minimises effects of electric spikes and surges on the device. Apart from being a transformer-based UPS, DELPHYS MX Elite+ features Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) architecture which enhances operational efficiency and facilitates quick switching between AC and DC.

These features, as per the company, make DELPHYS MX Elite+ suitable for “…harsh industrial settings and critical sectors like Processing Industries, Infrastructure, Healthcare, and IT applications”.

Permanent VFI Mode Functioning, Consistent AC Supply using Online Double Conversion

SOCOMEC’s newly launched UPS functions permanently in Voltage and Frequency Independent (VFI) mode. In this mode, DELPHYS MX Elite+ is capable of delivering a consistent AC supply using online double conversion. In online double conversion, the irregular AC supply is first converted to DC, which is then stored in a capacitor. This stored DC is thereafter converted to AC again, which is free from any wave-form irregularities and fluctuations.

User-Friendly Display & HMI

SOCOMEC’s DELPHYS MX Elite+ comes with a 10-inch touchscreen colour display, and an LED interface. As per company claims, the UPS’ Human-Machine Interface (HMI) is ‘user-friendly’.

Socomec India Private Limited: Socomec India, established in 1922, is a subsidiary of French electrical equipment manufacturer Socomec Group. It deals in various products such as single phase UPS, modular UPS and energy metering devices. It also provides solutions for data centre, healthcare facilities, railway applications, industry, and renewable energies.