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Rosendahl Launches Co-extrusion Crosshead for Cables & Wires

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The Austrian machine manufacturer Rosendahl has launched crosshead RX 40 MB 2.1.I for the co-extrusion of different material combinations, such as EPDM with PVC with a single crosshead.

Rosendahl Crosshead RX 40 MB 2.1.I

Technical Information on Rosendahl’s New Crosshead

The core diameter of the machine ranges from 3 mm to 40 mm. The layer types include double layer and double layer with skin or stripe. Materials that could be used are PE, PVC, EPDM and Flame-Retardant Polymers.

Rosendahl Crosshead RX 40 MB 2.1.I

Crosshead Benefits

The head has liquid temperature controlled housing with integrated flow channels which helps in controlled regulation of temperature. The thermally separated material flow helps in the extrusion of materials with different melt temperatures.

The other advantages include separately heated head zones which enable better control and constant monitoring of production temperature as required. This maintains stable process conditions for the entire production cycle even with varying process temperatures.

Applications of Rosendahl’s RX 40 MB 2.1.I Crosshead

The co-extrusion crossheads are used in the manufacturing of building cables which require a high degree of precision with thickness starting from 3 mm. It also finds its application in manufacturing cables with multilayer sheathing by the use of different extrusion materials.

About the Company: Rosendahl is a business unit of Rosendahl Nextrom GmbH headquartered in Austria. It supplies manufacturing solutions for cable and wire including extrusion, SZ-stranding, optical fiber, and corrugation. In India, there sales and service unit is located in Gurgaon. The total number of employees is around 800 worldwide.