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Phoenix Contact Launches High Power EV Charging Inlets

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Phoenix Contact, the manufacturer of electrical and industrial automation accessories, has introduced new Electric Vehicle charging inlets- CHARX

The universal CHARX CCS (Combined Charging System)* charging inlets enable AC and DC charging of electric cars and electric utility vehicles – from low charging powers (125 KW) to High Power Charging (HPC) (250 KW). These charging inlets can also support temporary charging of 500 KW.

*Combined Charging System is Electrical Vehicle charging standard which enables both AC & DC charging from a single port.

Phoenix Contact CHARX Charging Inlets- Range & Electromagnetic Locking System

Phoenix Contact EV Charging Inlet Locking System
CCS charging inlets are equipped with an electromagnetic locking system

Phoenix Contact CHARX charging inlets come with a 2 meter connected wire. They have an IP67 rating for protection against water jet during car wash and dust. CHARX inlet connectors come in three ranges:

  • 35 mm2 cross section with 125 KW-DC and 12 KW AC charging
  • 70 mm2 cross section with 200 KW-DC and 12 KW AC charging (500 KW temporary charging)
  • 95 mm2 cross section with 250 KW-DC and 12 KW AC charging (500 KW temporary charging)

CCS charging inlets are equipped with an electromagnetic locking system. It locks the vehicle charging connector on the side of or directly onto the locking clip in the mating face during the charging process. This makes it impossible to pull out the charging connector during the charging process.

Compatibility of Phoenix Contact’s CHARX with Electric Utility Vehicles

With the growing demand for fast charging, the charging systems aim for shortest charging time while complying with stringent safety standards. Being available in three standard sizes, the Phoenix Contact fast charging inlets are compatible with most electric cars along with electric utility vehicles such as buses, transporters, forklift trucks, tractors, construction machines, mining vehicles, cleaning and disposal vehicles, emergency vehicles, tow trucks etc. Being compliant with CCS charging standards it supports both AC and DC charging.