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NITI Aayog Releases Draft EV ‘Battery Swapping Policy’

NITI Aayog, the apex think tank of the Government of India has released a draft of Electric Vehicle (EV) ‘Battery Swapping Policy’ on 21st April 2022.

According to the draft policy, battery swapping network will be developed on priority basis in cities with population exceeding 40 lakhs in the first phase of implementation. In the next phase, cities with a population of more than 5 lakhs will be covered. The draft EV Battery Swapping policy allows any individual or entity to set up battery swapping facility, provided the specified technical and performance standards are met, and specified safety norms are followed.

The draft policy is open for consultations until June 5, 2022. NITI Aayog will be accepting comments and suggestions on the draft policy during this period.