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Mitsubishi’s New HVIGBT Modules for High Voltage Switching

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Mitsubishi Electric Corporation announced launch of new HV100 dual type X-Series HVIGBT (High Voltage Insulated-Gate Bipolar Transistor) modules for inverter systems of large industrial equipment. High Voltage IGBTs are used as high voltage switches between mains and secondary power supply such as UPS systems on trains or for large motor drives. Mitsubishi Electric said sample shipments will start from April 2021.

Applications of High Voltage IGBTs

High Voltage IGBT modules are mainly used in Industries where change to glitch free UPS power supply is critical. Few such examples are inverters for traction system in railways, High voltage motor drive systems of manufacturing industries where nonstop lines are compulsory like extrusion of wires and cables, pipe and tube manufacturing, DC transmission lines etc. There has been rise in demand for products which make heavy industrial inverters more efficient and reliable. Also, switching of power load has become smoother in recent years with introduction of such devices.

Mitsubishi’s HV100 HVIGBT Module’s Features & Benefits

Mitsubishi’s HV100 modules come with a current rating of 600A. The dimension of module is 100 x 140 x 40 mm. It offers 10 KVrms isolation voltage and 3.3KV collector-emitter voltage which helps handle high-power inverter systems.

These are the latest seventh-generation IGBT modules which achieve 8.57 A/cm2 power density. The modules have easy parallel connection for flexible circuit configurations. Integrated isolating plate and heat sink increases the thermal cycle lifetime. It also helps lower thermal resistance.

Mitsubishi Electric’s previous HVIGBT module, X-Series was released in September 2017. It was 33 percent bigger in size (140×130 mm).

About Mitsubishi Electric India: Although Mitsubishi Corporation, Japan has been present in Indian market since 1958 but Mitsubishi Electric India, its wholly owned subsidiary, was incorporated in 2010. It offers a wide range of products for the Indian market including Air Conditioners, Factory Automation and Industrial Systems, Semiconductor & Devices, Transportation Systems and Visual & Imaging. Mitsubhishi Electric India has two manufacturing facilities in Pune and one in Bengaluru with multiple offices in major cities of India.